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Neighborhood Group Bible Study

Neighborhood Group Bible Study


(whether in a neighborhood Bible study at work or church, cell group, or house church)

   This leader’s guide is available for:

God, Who Are You? And Who Am I?

––a 13 or 23 week study

 (It’s available as a FREE pdf download via email to reveal more about this study. Use the right-hand column to download (52 pages) You may order the final 70 page published book from Amazon.)


Why not start your own neighborhood Bible study?

After my Bible study was published, I knew that unless I was willing to share my testimony, in reaching out to my own neighborhood, the Lord could not and would not bless any other teaching or speaking thing I did. After I committed, He brought an unknown neighbor to me at my job site. When I saw her address, I quickly asked, “Would you be willing to come to my house for a Bible study?” I could hardly believe how this young mother’s eyes lit up as she said yes and that she used to go to one. I was ashamed to learn she’d lived in my neighborhood for one year without my knowing her.

            The Lord brought another young mother of three from out of town to my work site. He made it very clear that I was to share with her part of my testimony about how God met our financial needs. Although she lived twenty minutes away, she jumped at the chance to come to my house at night after she taught school all day. Another neighbor stopped at my desk at work and readily agreed to come.

            These three invites were easy. Going to the rest of the neighborhood on our figure 8, the equivalent of four blocks, was not as easy. Being so nervous, I finally stopped and prayed, “Lord, you promised to give Joshua every place the sole of his foot should tread, and I know You are doing that for me. It’s not by my might, nor by my power, but by Your Spirit. You promised to send Your angels before me, in Jesus name.”

            Just then, I saw a vehicle pull into the garage of the house I was to go to next. The young lady jumped at the chance to come to a Bible study saying, “I’ve been praying for a year whether I should start one myself.”

            Needless to say, God has blessed this book and study guide through a neighborhood format in reaching people.

That’s why your house is so important:

            The Lord asks the question, “Where is the house you will build for me?” (Isaiah 66:1) meaning, how can He possibly be confined within the four walls of a building? Churches that offer small-group, discipleship, cell groups that study the Bible live out this reality––taking Jesus to the people, rather than expecting the Church to come to the church. These are the churches that are growing.

            Our world is changing fast, and we are about to enter the age of Word of Mouth. If you have not yet read my article, “Family Tipping Point Letter,” about this, please to do so. It's also available as Appendix A in the leader’s guide. [The hard-copy book contains more: the Each-One-Teach-One Guide, Story Behind the Covers, and the Joshua/Jericho Prayer Walking Guide.]We are going to have to rely on very primitive kinds of social contacts. This is where our homes become so important. The leader’s guide discusses the following reasons why:

  • Your neighborhood house provides a (cheap) natural, built-in area for small-group social /spiritual contact.
  • Your neighborhood house provides a relative persecution-safe environment––within walking distance.
  • Your house can provide a neighborhood group that eliminates denominational barriers                         
  • Your neighborhood group is easily replicated.                    
  • Your neighborhood group has a lasting, on-going potential.

            The leader’s guide to God Who Are You? also discusses who are called to this special task of gathering in the end-time harvest and how to get started in this exciting adventure for which God has placed us on Earth at this time in history. I compiled a  Joshua Prayer-Walking Guide I used in praying for my neighborhood. I call it the "6 & 1 Command." It involves praying 2 names of God for 6 days and on the 7th day, praying all 12 in 6 rounds while listening to praise songs on the 7th round. This guide, included in the book, is also useful in praying for your family/or friends in a six-day format.

            All you have to do to receive this FREE, 52 page guide is to input your name, state and email address--all in the right hand column. You will automatically and immediately receive the PDF file via email. It gives you everything you need to get started. I’ve tried to make the guide as user friendly as possible for the one who has never led a Bible study. Be assured, people are hungry for God’s Word and to experience His presence. Won’t you allow God to do His work through you?

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